Senior Living

Knowledge is Power

Understanding the type of senior living to fit your needs and budget is the first step.

There are a lot of options when it comes to senior living! Assisted living, independent living, memory care, assisted living (group) homes, and even in-home care.

Some large communities have a combination of care levels and others are specifically memory care, independent, or assisted living. The sections below describe senior living options that might be right for you. We understand that you will need guidance in your decision. We would love to assist you can make an informed decision.

With no obligation, please contact us to get started. We will walk you through the entire decision process:

Answering questions, arranging tours and exploring the homes available in our community.

Let's discuss your options together.

What kind of senior living is right for you? Different options provide different levels of service, care & independence.

two senior women in independent Living
Care giver assisting a senior resident
two guys talking at a memory care community
care giver and resident at a senior group home
Dustin Baker and his Assisted Living Locators teammates have consistently provided timely customized solutions for seniors and their families. The follow up ensuring a smooth transition is invaluable, especially for those families out of state or unable to travel. With the coronavirus, their essential services have become more important with providing virtual tours and other opportunities for the families to have peace of mind.